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Is this really the book for me?

Note: the book is currently available in Slovak and Czech languages only.

Do you have your own business or dream of building something of your own? Do you want to look at marketing and creativity from another point of view, which often contradicts marketing lessons? Are you thinking about how to build a brand that fans are proud to tattoo on themselves? Or how to hack your own productivity?

I do not promise that after reading FORBIDDEN you will get the ultimate answers to all these questions. At the same time, I am sure that you will be a little closer to them. The chapters are short, so even if you don't read much, you can definitely handle this. Not to mention the cruel photos.

Write in the note if you want a dedication for a specific person.


Hardcover, 224 pages, luxury paper, photos from 20 photographers from around the world.

ISBN: 9788097378325