FORBIDDEN is a book about business, brand building, creativity, marketing...

...but also about hacking your own productivity.

About loyal fans, humility, slaps, surprises, prostitutes, but also about how to make better decisions.

About timing, money, good questions, expectations, wolves and hyenas.

About the first step, priorities, impatient patience, but also about when to take shortcuts and when to go the extra mile.

And about how to be different from others.

Enter the half-open door, behind which is a colorful world of new possibilities. Often more demanding and difficult, but all the more colorful. Behind that door is our FORBIDDEN world in which we live and create. Welcome.

The book was published thanks to a crowdfunding campaign at the EZOPO publishing house, thanks to which we collected €13,450 (CZK 341,121). It was published simultaneously in Slovak and Czech, as an e-book and as an audiobook .

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  • Slovak and Czech 🇸🇰🇨🇿

    The FORBIDDEN book was published simultaneously in Slovak and Czech. Don't forget to choose the right language.

  • Audiobook

    "FORBIDDEN - Tino Hrnčiar. I, the author, will read it to you." This is how the audiobook begins. It wasn't entirely easy, but I told the whole story. You can buy the audio version here and it will be sent to you by email.

  • E-book

    You can find the electronic version of the book on the EZOPO website , but also in your favorite bookstore. For example, Martinus has it (both paperback and hardcover).